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100% PURE  Dead Sea Salt

The most potent, effective soak naturally harvested and solar dried.  Each harvest of Dead Sea Salts is organic in its natural earthly state. Soak your body, muscles, bones, and joints in our medicinal handcrafted formula provides the extra soothing relief from over exertion, stiffness, aches, pains or soreness.  

Use in bath soaks or a whirlpool for those natural benefits!  100% Pure Dead Sea Salt. 

  • Magnesium - which assists the body in utilizing other nutrients and in cell metabolism.
  • Potassium - helps regulate muscle contractions and helps to balance skin moisture (100% authentic Dead Sea Products will always be very moisturizing to the skin.....salts, muds, and our soap!!! You won't believe your skin!)
  • Sodium - detoxifying. Helps expel waste and absorb nourishment.
  • Calcium - helps build healthy bones and teeth. Also, cleanses the pores of the skin.
  • Bromides - a 50% higher concentration than other salts, bromides have a very relaxing effect.
  • Iodine - assists in energy production (necessary for proper production of the hormone thyroxin)


  • 1-4 tablespoons per bath are all you need!. Use warm water, not hot, with Dead Sea mineral bath. Hot water is not good for the skin generally. It can strip the skin of its' natural oil.
  • After soaking use warm water and rinse a `couple of times. It is not necessary to take a full shower
  • Soak for a maximum of  20 minutes. These intense Sea Bath Salts are potent detoxifying minerals that only require a maximum soak time of 20 minutes to effectively provide soothing and beneficial results!!!! Great for people with fragrance allergies.
Please Note: We do not advise longer soaking time as additional time would require bodily fluids and replenishment to hydrate as you stay submerged.