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SHƐ̀AfflƐ̀ Body Butter

The richest moisturizing botanical butter

Our body butters lubricating ingredients is especially formulated using imported staple Ghanaian shea butter,

  • Added unique rich butters: green tea, mango butter, coffee butter, vitamin E, and essential oils.
  • The richest and thickest skin protectant formula made for maximum penetration and a barrier against moisture loss you will find. 

Through an intense three phase process our butters are infused and combined with certain carrier oils and whipped multiple times before packaging. 

Our butters come in two main scents or unscented 

  1. SHƐ̀A zema  sôr’bet  [ for èczema, dermatitis& other dry skin conditions]
  2. cocoa’ lish~ w/ infused real coffee bean oil, cocoa butter, decadent pure cocoa powder and rich blends of essential oils



  • Wash the skin
  • Pat your skin dry with a towel.
  • Apply the African shea butter either directly to the skin of your face and body using your fingertips or scoop some in your hands rubbing together to first melt the butter before applying to skin.
  • Massage the African shea butter into your skin using circular motions. As you massage, the heat of your body will melt the African shea butter, increasing its absorption into your skin.
  • 12oz/16oz