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Herbal steam*y~sereni’tea bath teas

Another great way to relax or help chase the everyday stress.
The unique natural blend of organic botanicals enhances the natural healing and soothing effects of a warm bath. When placed in a tub of warm water, the bath blend aroma helps you unwind and is sure to give you the serenity you need.

kit includes:

  1. 2 sealed tea bag for immediate use   (not for ingestion)
  2. 2 reusable filter paper drawstrings bags
  3. Herbal blend in  4x6 in.burlap bag
You can continue to refill drawstrings bags with the herbal blend as needed.
Additional uses:
  • Use the herbal bag as a warm or cool compress on temples, neck or other pulse points
  • Can use for foot bath or
  • After using in your tub leave the tea bags to dry out completely & add to clothing drawers for a lasting fresh scent
4x6 in. Natural Burlap Bag w/ 2 3"x4" Reusable Filter Paper drawstring bags