da’balm II - ecares
da’balm II - ecares

da’balm II

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Powerful balm formula to combat severe dryness and skin irritation.

Our effective moisturizing ingredients are by far the secrets in maintaining healthy moisture balance. One of the most important factors in keeping skin soft, supple and youthful along with providing much-needed relief to a dry skin.

Our da’balm~head-II-toe contains hydro-emollients working with:
  • deeply moisturizes dry skin
  • improves skin barrier function
  • strengthens the barrier function of the skin
  • accelerate the skin’s cellular renewal process
  • provide substance that readily absorbs water
  • helps reduce the amount of water lost through the skin
  • actively work to remove dead skin cells
  • & helps to dramatically improve the water binding ability of the skin.
da’balm~head-II-toe works quickly to repair rough, dry, and cracked feet. It moisturizes with our unique blend of African Shea Butter. Combined with tea tree oil and other ingredients this balm works to deodorize your feet and heal minor surface scrapes but will work on any needed area from head to toe!  


For best results, use balm*y~head-II-toe twice daily, morning and night, paying special attention to dry, cracked, and thickened areas of skin. Once desired results have been achieved, apply once daily or as needed to maintain healthier, more attractive feet. Can be used anywhere on the body

For use on rough, dry, skin or as a preventative moisturizer to help keep skin soft and smooth.


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