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Highly concentrated gel of pure magnesium chloride.


This gel is a form of transdermal magnesium, a method of magnesium supplementation designed to deliver magnesium topically for rapid absorption into the cells.

Star Ingredients: magnesium chloride, certified organic aloe vera extract 

Insufficient levels of magnesium can contribute to:         
*heart disease *osteoporosis  *joint pain  *rheumatoid *arthritis *high blood pressure * diabetes *muscle stiffness *muscle spasms * pulled muscles *osteoporosis *sports injuries & other disorders mainly due to magnesium's vital job in providing needed minerals that support the health of nearly every cell in the body.



  • Simply apply the desired amount into a cupped hand and rub into the skin thoroughly.
  • Repeat as appropriate to treatment regimen, covering any areas needing special attention.
Our mg’gel*y~dermal gel is a unique formulation designed to remain hydrated on the skin while absorbing the needed nutrients the body needs
Please note: Massage promotes blood flow and will ultimately maximize the absorption of magnesium. Transdermal magnesium is used by the body primarily in the area of application, so muscle cramps and soreness can be alleviated using massage and magnesium gel as treatment.


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