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Tincture: linəmənt

salve*ations & linəmənt

Our products provide therapeutic, restorative relief and our house blends are truly unique & one of a kind!  The therapeutic tincture can be used to reduce joint inflammation, increase mobility & help speed up recovery time from anything intense such as:

  • sporting injuries & back pain, or assist with daily wear and tear of normal movement 

The body relies on hundreds of muscles to give us form, mobility, and healthy organ functionality each day so keeping up, maintaining and providing extra care is a must. We take this very seriously and have done extensive research to provide a one of a kind product.

  1. Each one of our handcrafted  products undergoes a multi-step process of infused medicinal herbs aged for months to ensure retention of the beneficial health-giving properties.

  2. After the initial infusion process, our oil blends undergo a second house infused process in which the infused oils are then blended a second time using concentrated herbs for targeted needs.

    • Our salve*ation balms have an olive oil infused base stored & cultivated to allow for maximum extraction of its therapeutic herbal constituents.   3.4 oz jar

    • ärm pH’frƎsh  my’algia (muscle):The handcrafted linəmənt includes an alcohol/witch hazel infused herbal base to allow for maximum absorption & is rapidly penetrated by the skin . 3.5 spray

Our individually tailored extraction process acknowledges the unique attributes of each herb which is why our products are made of exceptional quality to create solutions that cannot be beaten!  Pick from our creations to best meet your needs.


Spray directly onto skin and massage into muscles for relief. Apply to affected area 1 - 4 times daily.

Children under 2 years of age: Consult a physician. Liniments should only be used externally and on unbroken skin.