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     A transparent  gel face cleaner  pH balanced for all skin types.

Our facial gel fortified cleanser with specific extracts and ingredients is designed to brighten and nourish delicate facial skin.The clear gel provides a rich, wonderfully effective, deep cleansing lather. This softly textured gel easily removes grime as it gently glides over pores to lift away dirt and oxidized oils.

This facial cleansing can also be used as a dual-purpose makeup remover and cleanser that keeps your skin refreshed and hydrated. 


It is good practice to cleanse your face and neck every morning and night.  Make sure your face is dry before you apply the gel.

  • Dispense a quarter-sized amount onto dry palms and smooth over entire face using circular motions. The warmth from your hands and face will cause the gel  to emulsify and immerse deep into skin to  blend with makeup or impurities. Be gentle with your skin; you do not need heavy pressure to cleanse.
  • Add cold or lukewarm water to further emulsify.
  • Gently rinse thoroughly for a fresher, cleaner feel.
  • May be used daily.

Super Ingredients: Glycolic acid [natural-occurring exfoliant that holds a reputation for being one of the safest cosmetic options in the alpha hydroxy acid group.], Allantoin, Vitamin B5

*Comes in a reuseable glass dispenser[while supplies last]

Caution : If you use this product during the day then be sure to apply appropriate sunscreen as glycolic acid makes your skin much more sensitive to the sun.