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Footpowder: FƎƎTish neutral’yz

 Sprinkle our powder* y ~neutral’yz

in shoes or on feet to absorb and deodorize sweat, foul odors, and painful smells.   This s a great overall powder. The arrowroot powder imparts a silky texture while the baking soda helps deodorize. C Tan be used in shoes or dusted on feet before putting on athletic socks. Also works well on some sporting equipment such as football pads and lacrosse gloves, or on gym equipment to absorb sweat and odors.

Packaged with your initial purchase, our one of a kind stainless steel shaker jar allows you to reuse the steel container . Just purchase the refill bags whenever you are ready to reorder.



Thoroughly wash and dry feet daily. Make sure you have dried all moisture from feet and in between toes before sprinkling powder. Sprinkle generously over feet and toes. Use daily or anytime you want the feeling of cool and soothing feet

Socks/Shoes/Sporting Equipment:

Wipe off all moisture and or leave to air out dry. Sprinkle powder evenly covering all affected areas shaking out any excess powder

 3.4 oz