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When your feet hurt..doesn’t everything hurt?

These natural solutions provide the ultimate pampering for tired worn out feet helping restore comfort and ease!

  • Scented foot scrub
  • soak*y~ soak*y~s öo th
  • powder*y~ neutrəl’z
  • 4-in-1 pedicure paddle
Step 1 : Get started by using a pumice stone to remove dry, loose skin.
Step 2 : Next, it’s time for a foot soak! Adapt your soak to suit your needs.
Step 3: Apply the following foot scrub to feet, rubbing well, and then rinse off.
Step 4: Dry feet well, making sure to get between toes. (Spritz feet with our foot spritz sold separately)
Step 5: Rub Healing Foot Salve ( sold seperately) into feet especially on your heels.