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Consciously crafted natural, fresh, hypoallergenic scents - made just for you

Our fragrance oils last most people 6-24hrs., depending upon skin type, and evaporates naturally during the course of the day. Our pure sillages provide smooth, long-lasting, rich, balanced and are full of luscious aroma. ______________________________________________

Beautiful beautiful does! You deserve a gift fragrance of a thousand flowers, beautiful! 

Smell like the streets of  Champs-Elysées Avenue as you shop in Paris with a fragrance that pleases the nose with bright and  familiar smells of apple, peach, berry, mango and other juicy fruits, blended with florals to create a compelling aroma.

You only get one life so why not live   it   to the fullest? You need the scent that invokes  t he concept of La vida loca.  Wear the key notes  centered around natural beauty and show you're enjoying your life to the fullest!

directions: Using the dropper, dab the inside of each wrist

Then simply rub your wrists together to blend, then rub the pulse points of your neck with your wrists.

A drop or two at most should be all you need. Unlike conventional perfumes, our oils are alcohol and filler free, so it may take a minute or two for the slowly warming scent to emit its full bouquet. The fragrance will be smoother and better balanced than any alcohol-driven aroma and well worth the wait.