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On the west coast of Africa sits a familiar country known to many for the bright and beautiful kente cloth and bold adinkra symbols that speak to the heart and traditions of a rich Ashanti culture.  

This rich culture is the foundation and stepping stone for eCARES and Ghana is where it all begins! What makes this site and our products authentic is that WE ARE descendants of the Asantehene kingdom. Our family is deeply rooted out of a region called Adanse Dompoase where our grandfather currently resides as chief of Adanse Praso.

eCARES it’s not just our family business, it represents everything we stand for, believe and strive to accomplish. eCARES is a social enterprise platform where “empathy, HELP & CARE sit at the heart of all we do!”  

We open our doors and say “akwabba” (we welcome you) to:

  • meet our family,
  • invites you into our home/product lab
  • dare to tell our story & offer you an opportunity to tell yours

As you enter the "doors" of the eCARES platform, treat yourself to our exclusive lux handmade products. 

  is specially formulated to bring you one-of-a-kind recipes designed for your whole self! These ethically created items are made from abundantly rich, under appreciated, and vastly overlooked ingredients only Ma'Ma Africa can provide. We guarantee and ensure personal care that is effective, bare & transparent, and most importantly safe.  eCARES takes pride in partnering with vested artisan & farmers that handcraft & handpick our resources.

We start from Ghana where our heritage & natural*ly good resources begin and it's delivered straight to you where “ we believe healthier CARE starts...!"




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CARE: Ambassador & Affiliates

CARE: Community (Ambassador & Affiliates) Reaching Elders

Get involved in your community and become a CARE Ambassador! Find out how Ambassadors & Affiliates are striving to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. #WHOCARES

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