The natural CBD (short for cannabidiol) ingredient that~ NO!... WON'T GET YOU HIGH, even if ingested. THIS 4/20 CAREnabis is the natural*ly sojourn plant & herb healing collection

Both safe & effective alternative to toxic prescription drugs, painkillers, & over-the-counters that contain harsh chemical compounds alien to the human body. Our researched based line of products are specially formulated with soothing botanicals, formulated plant-based ingredients that including precise combinations of the cannabinoid for specified areas of concentration.

A bonafide skin-care "must-have" ingredient with overwhelming number of studies finding CBD to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Medically used to treat:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety &
  • Spasms

Our of cannabis integration of salves, liniment, tinctures infused with over 45 medicinal herbs for over six months in a hemp oil base giving the emollient and fatty omega necessary to bind and ensure medicinal quality and effectiveness. We promote well-being your body natural*ly deserves!