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Handcrafted / Imported from Ghana This is the emarketplace of Ghanaian  artisans &local traders from all across Ghana making things from hand like talking drums, leather & recyclable bags, wooden dolls and sculptures, as well as a gallery work of local Ghanaian artists

  • West Africa symmetrical patterns handwoven into strips of cloth
  • Indigo Tunic Smocks form northern Ghana
  • Local beads are made from material like clay and wood and krobo glass. 
    • Ghanaian jewellery is also minted into unique indigenous patterns known as adinkra symbols that has its own meaning reflecting the character of the wearer, such as bravery, wisdom and valour.  Krobo beads | © oneVillage Initiative / Flickr
  • Paintings depicting contemporary scenes and traditional heroes
  • Wooden sculptures are also well represented in the market; with masks, combs, men and women
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